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If there's one thing you hear repeated over and over again...

It's that the money is in the list.

And boy do they make it sound easy, right?

Every self-appointed guru is dishing out advice that basically goes like "build a list, email them an offer and laugh all the way to the bank".

Sounds great, doesn't it?

Except building a list is WAY harder than any expert makes it out to be.

To build a list, the first thing you need is a high converting squeeze page.

That's right - it's not the traffic you need to worry about first, and it's not the whole funnel, it's not even the product.

Once you have a converting squeeze page... you can buy traffic, you can outsource building the funnel, and you'll still be profitable.

"Up Until Now... Creating A Converting Squeeze Page Took Tons Of Skill, Time, Money, And Effort"

If you try to create a squeeze page from scratch, you end up spending hours designing it, coding the design in HTML and then wondering what to write in order to persuade anyone to join your list.

And the worst part is you have to do it over and over again - because naturally you want to use as many squeeze pages as possible.

That means hours and hours spent hunched in front of your computer - hours that you could've spent building your business, testing new strategies and making money, or with people that matter to you.

And don't get me started on outsourcing.

Last time I commissioned a designer, he delivered 2 weeks late - and he is one of the top guys in the industry, so I paid a lot. And the biggest problem was... The work was, at best, mediocre!

But as I said...

All those problems are a thing of the past.

"You Don't Have To Reinvent The Wheel...
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My Infusion Account

My Aweber Account

My name is Jason Fladlien, and if you look me up on Google, you'll find I'm a well known marketer with a pretty big list.

I say this because... I want you to know what you're getting here is not something quickly thrown together to squeeze a quick buck out of you.

You're getting a product that's been battle-tested and has been directly responsible for building my own list

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Does it makes sense to take a plugin and templates that have been tested by a full time successful 7-figure marketer and use them to build your own business? Of course it does.

You wouldn't try and build a car from scratch, would you? You'd get one that's been created by people who know what they're doing, right?

This is the same thing. Instead of figuring everything out yourself, you're getting a tool that has been proven to work and will save you lots of money, time, and headache.


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"Now You Said That I'll Be Able To
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Even If I Suck At Copywriting...
How Can A Plugin Help With That?"

A plugin can't.

It would be silly, right?

However... I'm not going to leave you hanging.

Did you know that you DON'T need to be a hot copywriter (or pay through the nose to hire one) in order to create a compelling squeeze page?

In fact I bet that most copywriters will be mad at me because I'm going to reveal right here the only "secret" you need to know in order to create a squeeze page that attracts leads like flies to honey.

Are you ready?

The only thing you need to remember when creating a simple, 10 word bullet points and a hot headline for your squeeze page is...


That means you should ONLY write things that they'll be getting, things that they'll be able to accomplish with your freebie.

Do that, and I BET that your squeeze page will be MUCH better than anything a hot shot high dollar copywriter will be able to produce... because no one knows your product better than you do.

That's the secret.

And WP Squeeze Page PRO makes it so EASY to write with all the predefined boxes and stuff.. you'll never be lost and wondering what's next.

"Yeah, Sounds Great Jason... But
I'm Still Not 100% Sure About This"

Hey - I get it. Even if you treat it like an investment in your business, is not chump change. Even with this special price you get if you act before Wednesday, December 31st at 04:00 PM Pacific.

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It's all about how you decide to treat your online business.

Will you treat it like a, well, business? Or is it going to be something that you just dabble with?

Listen... Do You Have Time
For All Of This?

And even when you're done with all this... HOW IN THE WORLD can you be sure that it converts?

You've guessed it - after all the frustration you still need more money and time just to test whether your squeeze page does what it's supposed to do: convert your visitors into leads.

Or... You could

Simple really, when you think about it, right?

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